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Teddies Room

We would like to welcome you all to the Teddies room.


We can have up to nine babies in a session working to a 1:3 ratio.  We have a wide range of resources that the children have access to. We do a lot of messy play activities where the children can use their whole bodies to explore different textures, for example sand, large scale painting, angel delight, shaving foam and much more.


We also have our own decked outside play area which leads off from the room and also access to a nature garden.  Due to the age range of the babies the routine in the room is flexible and they can sleep, have bottles etc when they need it.


A member of our staff is always available to speak to you if you have any concerns or questions. Our practice is guided by the "Early Years Foundation Stage" curriculum and a copy of our planning is displayed outside our classroom. Our planning is completed by making observations of your child about their likes and interests and recorded on our weekly planning. We would also like parents/carers to inform us of their children's interests. This can be done by writing ideas on the board outside the classroom or in your child's daily diary book.


Your child will have his/her own key person who is responsible for carrying out observations and taking photos of your child's time in Teddies, which would be recorded in a learning journey book. You are welcome to look at the book whenever you like but please be aware that photo's are developed at the end of the month, and then completed after this time.  Your child will have their own coat peg with their name on which you can put their coat and bag.


Breakfast is available in the Teddies room between 8am and 8.30am, you can bring breakfast or you can pay 50p and we will provide it.



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